St. Louis' Dependable Trash Can Cleaning Services

At Always Clean Cans in St. Louis, MO, we offer an environmentally friendly approach to can washing. Whether you’re a restaurant owner disposing of leftover food or a pet mom disposing waste from your dog or cat, our team will provide cleaning services that ensure bacteria doesn’t spread into your home and all odors are eliminated from your trash cans. 

pressure washing

Our Process

Always Clean Cans uses a state-of-the-art mobile unit that comes to provide can washing curbside. Our professionals will pressure wash the outside of the cans, then the mobile unit will pick up your cans with rubber grips. From there, we lift them until positioned above the high-pressure cleaning and water collection system. Our mobile cleaning system sanitizes and deodorizes the cans with 180-degree water and a biodegradable cleaning solution. The water is captured in the mobile system and filtered on the mobile unit. The filtered water is safely disposed of at the end of the day. See before and after pictures below!

Before Cleaning
trash can before cleaning
After Cleaning
trash can after cleaning
clean trash bin

The Benefits of Our Service

Ditch that smelly can with help from the experts at Always Clean Cans! When you choose our can washing services, you’ll experience many benefits, including:

  • A trash can that’s free of odors, mush, and foul liquids that rest on the bottom of your cans.
  • Your cans will look bright, clean, and smell fresh with our trash can and recycle bin cleaning.
  • The elimination of bacteria, including salmonella, listeria, staphylococcus, and food-related molds and fungi.
  • Your cans will no longer attract pests and animals, including roaches, bees, rats, and mice, after our thorough trash can cleaning services.
  • Clean and fresh cans will be placed in your garage without fear of odor and attracting pests!

Residential Pricing


$10 per can
Minimum order of 6 months
$10 x 6 washes = $60
SAVE with order of annual services
$10 x 12 washes = $120, Take Off $10 = $110


$15 per can
Minimum order of 6 months
$15 x 3 washes = $45
SAVE with order of annual services
$15 x 6 washes = $90, Take Off $10 = $80


$25 per can
Minimum order of 12 months
$25 x 4 washes = $100

One-Time Cleaning

$20 for one can
$10 per additional can

Commercial Services

Eliminating odors from your business site will increase your appeal to your customers. No one likes to enter a store that has an odor surrounding it or an unattractive storefront with dirty sidewalks.

Eliminating bacteria from your trash cans or dumpster will provide a site free of health hazards for your customers and employees.

For dumpsters and sidewalks, we have a vacuum system with our pressure washer, which will collect all of the dirty water and debris to be disposed of properly. This ensures an environmentally friendly service.

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Find out more about the can washing services provided by our professionals at Always Clean Cans. We’re trained to eliminate bacteria and odors, leaving behind fresh-smelling and bright cans at your home or business.